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Short Stacks
Sticky Covers and Torn Pages
Collection Analysis Question 
7th-Aug-2008 06:22 pm
Here is my situation. First year teacher and school librarian. I will have two elementary schools and I finally got to meet with one principal today and see the library. It's a nice big, attractive space (lots of windows, cool atrium ceiling. Here's the problem. The former librarian was horrible and basically just did what she could to get by (principal's words). The teachers were at the point where they didn't want to collaborate with her anymore or bring her kids into the library. The library itself is so uninviting, very outdated posters etc. Looks like it hasn't been weeded, ever. I asked about a collection analysis but I don't think that has ever been done. Oh yeah, I basically have no budget either since the principal was so displeased with the library program (I think my other boss, head of technology may give me some of his budget to help with this).

Oh, and it's flexible scheduling which is great. I didn't think it was. So now I have to bring these teachers back! And get them excited about the library etc. I guess it's good because I can only do a better job than she did, and the teachers will be happy to have someone new in there.

The first goal is to get the space rearranged, dusted/cleaned, weeded, and overall look more inviting. It's a huge ordeal I think. The lady didn't even clean out her desk, it's all her old stuff and papers in there (who does that?).

So I'm thinking I should do a collection analysis. Here's the problem though. I don't think they have a portable scanner. Has anyone done one without one? I don't actually know how to do one, my internship supervisor didn't have time to show me. I take it you scan in every single book in the library? It sounds difficult without a wireless scanner. Should I wait to do this later? But I'm going to be weeding out some books so now is the ideal time. The other issue though is that I probably wont have a login to the cataloging system until school starts. I guess I could weed and just keep the books separate and not delete them out until I do the collection analysis. Maybe I shouldn't even worry about one this year since I have little to no budget. It's not like I'll be able to improve the age of the collection all that significantly.

Any thoughts on this? Or tips on my situation in general? I haven't seen the other library and the same retired librarian had that school too so I'm sure the other library will need a lot of work also. I'm really feeling overwhelmed. The principal seems like he will be supportive though and I don't think I will have to collaborate with teachers w/in the first two weeks if we are getting the library ready (kids could check out books though).

Also, anyone on here with elementary schools and flexible scheduling?
12th-Aug-2008 06:30 pm (UTC)
Follett has directions on their website for how to do a collection analysis, so you might not even need to contact them. And their website is fabulous for finding reviews about books and other new materials.

I would advise you to be careful about weeding .... pay attention to what materials are used by the teachers for the curriculum. At my school the teachers do not get date stamps on the books they check out, soooo I have some books that look like they haven't been checked out since 1990, but they are actually popular with the teachers.

I think you can arrange to have a book fair through Barnes and Noble. This way the book fair is not held at your school and you reap the benefits.
12th-Aug-2008 06:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks. Well I weeded the First Readers today (easy reader). There were so many books from the 70s. I mostly weeded OLD books or damaged ones. I'm going to ask the assistant before we delete them out of the collection, if any are used. I also can look up when they were last checked out. But I'm not that worried. This collection has never been weeded before.

The librarian where I did my practicum at, had a Barnes and Noble booksale and she hardly got any profit at all. Her Scholastic one she did later in the year definitely was a HUGE difference.

I found out one of my two school's PTA donates money from the bookfair to the libary, so that's good.

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