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16th-Feb-2008 02:58 pm - Display help?
Surfing Santa
I work in a High School Library and we take it in turns to set up a display. March is one of my months, but I'm stuck on what kind of display I could do. Last March I did a Books into Film theme and then for my other month I did a Travel theme. For each display I also ran a competition which the kids loved.

I was just wondering if any of you wonderful library people out there have any ideas of what theme I could use for March? I tried to go through the different events/days coming up in March....like Autumn starting (I'm in Australia so I can't use Fall), St Patrick's day....but neither was exactly inspiring for me....

I'd appreciate any ideas you could come up with....and they don't necessarily have to be related to March or events in March. Maybe you've ran displays/themes at your library that you've found were popular? Thanks in advance!
13th-Nov-2007 01:45 pm - Give me liberty or give me death.
books, novels, writer, educaton
As soundbites go, the above is pretty up front. Imagine what life must have been like in 1760's and 1770's American. As a publisher and an American/World History enthusiast, I invite you to visit my webpage. My latest project, Those Self Evident Truths, traces Democracy through the background of four documents. Have you ever been whisked through time? How about the fast takes on the period from 1215-1863? That's an awful lot of ground to cover in 73 minutes, swinging from Absolute Monarchy to the 'new birth of Freedom.'Sample tracks can be found at http://www.tedmagnuson.com
9th-Nov-2007 03:57 pm - New to this community
classical books
Hi Everyone! I am a new Media Specialist in an Elementary School in Maryland. My school is Kindergarten through fifth grade. I have been really enjoying my job so far. It would be nice to have some other media specialists to talk to and get ideas from.

In Montgomery County Maryland, we have an information literacy curriculum guide. Do other school systems have a curriculum?
7th-Aug-2007 06:06 pm - Having a life and making a living...
The two don't go hand-in-hand.

I love my job as a Media Specialist so much.

However, I am beginning grad school in 2 weeks, and while I have loans funding the bulk of it, I still need to get some extra money to cover incidentals.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on where to find a part-time job? I can't go back to waiting tables.
27th-Jun-2007 04:48 pm - Librarian Position
I have an interview for the librarian position at the middle school I've been working at for 4 yrs.
I want it SO badly.
What is everyone's favourite answer to: "What's your biggest weakness?"
20th-Jun-2007 11:54 am(no subject)
Hi there!
I'm new here. I currently work at a middle school and the librarian position has come open. As a complete bibliophile I'm going to interview for it.

The program that is used is Winnebago. My husband says this is something I could pick up in an hour, so I'm hoping to check it out before the interview.

My question is, does anyone use this currently? Have any tips, tricks, or advice? Can anyone point me in the direction of some resources?

Other than the specific program I do have experience with library work and cataloging. Thanks in advance!
17th-Jun-2007 05:10 pm - School Library Media Specialist
Does anyone have any experience with this program?  I am a certified teacher
with many years of experience, and have finally decided to take the plunge and
get certified as a school media specialist.  I would also like to know if anyone has
gone to Rutgers for this--but I'm a little intimidated by their high rankings!  Do I
have any chance of getting in?  Any advice or comments would help alot!   

The other day our school librarian gave me info on the University of Phoenix online
program...not sure if our district will accept or not--anyone know anything about it?
(I've double-posted here, and in LIbrary School.  Wasn't sure which was best.)

3rd-Apr-2007 09:52 am - Praxis II exam
Has anyone here ever taken the Library Media Specialist Praxis II exam?  It's not required for NJ, but it is for Maine, and if I want a job here I'll have to take it, along with ANOTHER praxis II exam, the Principles of Learning and Teaching one.  Gah!  All the money I've spent for tests getting cert'd in THREE states....*sigh*

Ahem, anywho....I'm wondering what kind of stuff is on the LMS test, what they test you on exactly.  Anything I can do to study for it?  Is it all multiple choice?  Is there an essay?   It's been a year since I graduated with my MLIS and even longer since I took things like cataloging.  So I just want to prepare.  Thanks!
15th-Dec-2006 08:09 pm - Days of Thundering Silence
I am now on vacation. A lovely word for "fuckitall." 'Tis only 7:39, but am on my 3rd glass of wine. No alcohol for weeks, I will overdose tonight. Binge drinking, thy name is Hazelnut.

I realized something sad and sorry about myself yesterday. I deeply abhor being laughed at.

That is the childhood version of it. If you are laughed at, you are different. People think you are silly, sad, a mockery. I witnessed that at an early age, and I remember thinking I don't want that to be me.

The antidote for not being laughed at: having all the answers. All the reading I ever did, all the information-absorbing I ever did, all the observing, data collecting, mental acrobatics I did...it essentially was to avoid not being laughed at.

However, I did it selectively. In realms where I had no talent/expertise/capacity, I wholeheartedly chucked it out as having "no effing clue." Science, math, physics, politics, baseball scores, etc....didn't know, didn't care. But when it was English grammar, parts of speech, languages, history, literature, entertainment, human behavior, etc...I hoped I would have the right answer if I was ever asked.

Yesterday I was subjected to last minute requests (a/k/a "demands") by faculty members who had not planned ahead, and I was unable to help them. I take retroactive solace in this conclusion, but at the time, I felt like the world's biggest ass.

I am the resource for technology needs...and yet...my school does not have the technology the staff needs. No DVD player connected to the school-wide TV system. If we connect an outside player, it overwhelms the system and shorts out the volume due to the age of the system. Three teachers ask for DVD players at 9 a.m. on the day they need them at 1 p.m. Do I have them? No, I don't. Did I refer to them to the policy of asking 72 hours in advance? No, b/c I haven't put the new P&P (Policies and Procedures) into action yet. Did I feel like a nonproductive media specialist? You bet.

I drove across town to pick up a video I needed from another school, alternately swearing at the situation, and castigating myself and the ppl I work with. I am ONE person. You are 25. You need a TV now, and you wait till 3 hours before you use it to ASK me for it? Worse, you ask for it in person...during my duty time...when 6 kidnergarten classes are demanding my attention, and I am trying to produce the morning news show?

I know the motto of Media Specialists is "YES, I CAN", but I vote we create a substitute reading "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"
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