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28th-Sep-2008 10:42 am
YO! English teachers! Librarians! IN ONTARIO, CANADA

Are you aware of Canadian Children's Book Week? NO, it is not just for children, it is also for young adults. This year we have Meg Tilly (yes, the actress from Agnes of God) who does a very important book on sexual abuse and Jeff Rud, and author who had written a book about a grade 11 basketball player who has a friend who is in the school play and the homophobia expressed by the rest of his team.

We also have 4 other authors and storytellers who are for younger children.

These authors will be in the province for Book Week Nov. 20-24. The readings are $125 a piece (there is some funding help if needed). GIVE YOUR KIDS ACCESS TO AN AUTHOR FOR AN HOUR!!!!!

Apply at www.bookweek.ca

There are different authors available in other parts of Canada
22nd-Nov-2008 10:15 pm (UTC) - School Visits
I'm a new author. I've been published 4x's in Chicken Soup for the Soul books and published many Christian/inspirational essays. I've also won some awards. All but 2 of my writing credits have been written for adults.

In September 2008, I received an acceptance from Guardian Angel Publishing. They are publishing my picture book, "Buster Bear and Uncle B with teacher's guide".

I'm also a legally blind ventilator dependent quadriplegic. I've given several speeches to adults (2 inspirational & 2 educational to respiratory therapist in continuing education classes).

How would you suggest marketing my school visit presentations after my book is published?

Jessica Aday Kennedy
The Differently-Abled Writer
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